Kim Ng- Founder

Kim Ng is a graduate in business administration and management. She is a former consultant and stylist for a leading salon that decided to branch out and start her own “On Demand Service” while ideating BEAUT. She has lead a formidable front in presenting to politicians, building a brand, and setting an unprecedented standard for a startup CEO. She has not only built a company, but a grass roots company culture to reinforce its values.


Vicky Wong-Operation Excecutive

With over 10 years of experience managing multiple international companies’ expansion and globe office operations sets her foundation in business. Despite her success in the business world, Vicky’s true passion lies in the artistry of nail and makeup. Making the choice of living life by her true passion is her motto of life. BEAUT marries her skills and passion perfectly.


 Seneca HELIX has been a supportive partner of BEAUT. They have helped BEAUT to get over the many obstacles of this entrepreneurial venture and accelerate to success. Seneca HELIX is an entrepreneurship incubator in the greater Toronto area, offering enhanced learning mediums to build a strong foundation for the innovation experience.  They provide training, mentor-ship, and experiential learning to help entrepreneurs to have the critical skills to build and maintain a scalable venture. To learn more, please reach out to Seneca HELIX.