Aussie slang for beauty, something or someone beautiful.

What’s on Beaut?

A Cut Above
Be matched instantly with the actual beauty professional based on photos of their work and your liking tailed to you.

Behind the Scenes
Browse tons of real hair, makeup and nails photos done by beauty professionals near you.

Cut the Crap
Stop wasting your time searching for hair photos and expecting your stylist to replicate it. No one can replicate Leonardo Da Vinci’s work 100%.

Let’s have Fun

Browse and like as many photos as you want, it will automatically be saved.

The most photos that you’ve liked from the same stylist will be auto-ranked and be your top fav stylist, you can also choose to rank by distance.

Make a booking with your fav stylist and show them the style that you’ve liked from their portfolio.

About Us

BEAUT is a mobile application that connects you to professional hairdressers, stylists, make-up artists, and nail and beauty technicians conveniently located in Toronto area.